Sejala Beach Huts - Reservation and Accommodation Terms and Conditions

Pacific Parade, Mission Beach Queensland

The following terms and conditions apply to guests who have made a reservation to stay at the property trading as Sejala and Sejala on the Beach (the management):

  • The guest must follow all instructions from management relating to COVID-19 safety procedures.
  • It is a condition of entry onto Sejala property that all guests and visitors are fully vaccinated.
  • Where a booking agent acts on behalf of the management, the Terms and Conditions of the agent will also apply and the guest is deemed to have agreed to those Terms and Conditions.
  • Refunds for reservations cancelled within 14 days of arrival will not be paid, except in the absolute discretion of management.
  • The guest acknowledges that travel insurance is recommended by management to cover cancellation costs, damage to property or any other travel expenses or losses.
  • The property is let for holiday accommodation at the cost and for the period stated in written confirmation from management.
  • The property, including the garden and the pool is for the use of the current booked guests only. Additional guests or visitors are not permitted onto the property without prior written consent from management.
  • The property is not available for parties, weddings, commercial activities including photo shoots or functions of any kind without prior written arrangement with management.
  • The guest will be responsible to pay or reimburse to management all costs of any damage or loss to the property or management caused or contributed to by the guest or any visitor of the guest, in the absolute discretion of management.
  • Pets are not permitted on the property.
  • Candles and safe candle burners are supplied by the management.  Due to the significant fire risk – no other candle or open flame is permitted.
  • The management and any agent acting on behalf of management will make every effort to ensure the property is in good repair but take no responsibility for inconvenience or loss caused by incorrect information, technical faults, malfunctioning appliances, power failures, weather conditions and any other matters outside their reasonable control.
  • The guest is responsible for their own safety and the safe keeping of personal belongings and acknowledges neither the management or any agent acting on behalf of the management is liable for any loss to the guest of whatsoever nature.
  • The guest authorises the management or the agent acting on behalf of the management to deduct from the guest’s credit card or deposit any money owing by the guest pursuant to these Terms and Conditions 

December 2021

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